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cut corners

I must admit, some of the things I do are time-consuming but, they are worth it. I am always on the lookout for ways to save or cut corners on all services and these are some of the ones that have worked for me.

How I cut corners on Data

Every time I go to town I never pass by the people giving away free sim cards. I always take the free already RICA registered sim cards, especially for the MTN and Telkom network. These are network service providers I am more familiar with. These service providers have cheap data prices but it is structured according to your usage.

The more data you spend, the more the price increases, and when that happens, I just switch to a new sim card. Bear in mind, I don’t use these sim cards for anything else except for discounted data purchases.

Telkom Network on prepaid:
1. Get a free Telkom sim card, change the tariff plan by dialing *180# and choose the smartboard band option. Once you are on this plan, you can buy 10GB LTE data bundles for as little as R99. The catch is that the data works only where you have Telkom LTE Network.
2. Get a free Telkom sim card, this time do not change the tariff plan but dial *123# and choose Mo’nice data option. You can buy 30 days 1GB of data from as little as R12. The catch is that the more often you buy the data and the longer you are s subscriber to their network, the data prices go up.

MTN Network on prepaid:
Get a free MTN sim card, dial *142# and choose the option My Offers or My combo offers those are the cheapest data offers you will get and because the sim card is new, data prices will be cheap and for every recharge, the network will give you data and airtime freebies to try and keep you on the MTN network. Do bear in mind that the longer you use the sim and more data you buy, the data prices go up and that is always my queue to change sim cards.

MTN Network on contract:
If you are registered as a small business and are a person who is not a fan of prepaid services then this one is for you. Or maybe you just want to cut corners and save a few rands like the rest of us. MTN Business always has data deals that are simply irresistible.

Make the most of being a small business owner and take up a contract on a business capacity instead of personal. A perfect example is the Huawei P40 with 500mb anytime data, 500mb night express, 50 minutes, and SMSes for R799 on a personal contract but the same phone on MTN Business is R749 with 1.5GB anytime data, 5.0GB bonus data, and 400 minutes. Do visit MTN for more information on their data deals.

Rain Network:
This is by far the best network service provider I have signed up for. You can purchase the Rain Simcard on Takealot or the Rain portal and sign up for their services. There is an option for R250 where you get uncapped data for 19hours of the 24hour day. Another option is R479 where you get uncapped data for 24 hours. There are no contracts and you pay as you use, the only downside to it is that it only works on certain areas. You can check if your area has network coverage on the Rain Network Portal.

cut cornerssim cards
cut corners

Cut corners on Bolt/Uber Services

I stay in a household of 2 adults and 1 teenager. We all have cellphones with email addresses set up. Each of us has the Bolt and Uber app profiles. That means we have 3 profiles for Bolt and for Uber. If you are a new rider on the Bolt app you get discounts of up to 80 percent of your first 3 rides. So I capitalized on that and saved on my rides by switching between the 3 profiles.

Once in a while, each of us would get emails from Uber or Bolt with discounted offers. In some cases, a profile can get up to 50 percent off on rides and that is applicable to that profile. So I just use the profile that has the highest discount offer and save. If there are no discounts, I don’t use the service, that’s just how it is.

Watch PayTV services free of charge

Dstv premium subscription costs R819.00 and my favorite, Netflix’s premium package is R169. I have friends and family who are loyal subscribers for these services and I reap the benefits as a result. With both these service providers, you can set up to 5 profiles in different devices to watch on the same subscription.

The services that my friends and family pay to watch on their TV screens, I then log on to use on my laptop, cellphone, or tablet free of charge. The only thing that I do pay for is the data I use to stream, not the subscription.

cut cornerssavedata

I have saved a lot of money as a result but still enjoyed the benefits of all these services. Let me know in the comments what you have tried to cut corners in your own life. Do connect with me by visiting the About page.

Blessings to you 🙂


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