Best dates to do your shopping

I always try to be strategic when planning my shopping. This is done a few days in advance to avoid compulsive buying and also to assess price trends for my benefit. Just because a particular store claims to have a sale, it doesn’t mean that the price for the items you are interested in has actually been reduced. There are days though where I’m certainly guaranteed savings and this is only because of the date on the calendar.

February 15th Shopping

In my opinion, the month of Feb is the best month to shop overall. Retailers are getting rid of festive season stock, and prices are massively reduced. Do take advantage of that. As we know, Feb is the month of love and advertisers go crazy promoting shopping for the one you love.

My take is this: Your significant other knows that you love them no matter what date it is. Why not save a few rands and shop for his/her gift on the 15th of Feb instead. The stock that didn’t sell on Valentine’s Day like chocolates, roses, and gift packs are ridiculously cheap. Take advantage of that.

Love always wins

Public Holiday Prices

I remember in the early 2000s, you were able to make cellphone calls for free on public holidays. Though the network would get congested, it was still a nice perk. Gone are those days now but that doesn’t mean you can not save money on public holidays.

Nowadays though, if it’s a public holiday, there are sales and reduced prices everywhere. Supermarkets as well usually have a few items reduced in price. So be on the lookout around this time. It is always best to subscribe to the newsletters of your favorite retailers and follow them on social media as well. In that way, you will be notified whenever they have specials. Another useful tool I use is the website for the latest discount catalogues.

public holiday
Youth Day June 16

Friday the 13th of good luck

This is by far my favorite date on the calendar. People who believe in superstitions, on the other hand, consider this as a day of bad luck. There are loads of theories on the internet but the one that stands out is that because the 13th disciple Judas betrayed Jesus, therefore the number 13th is cursed. That’s not what this post is about and whatever you believe in superstitions or not, you can surely benefit from this day. For the past 4 years without fail, Food Lovers’ Market has these crazy Carnival specials on Friday the 13th. Almost every item in-store is priced at 13.00 ZAR and yes I do go crazy. Its massive savings.

Friday the 13th
Friday the 13th

So be on the lookout on these favorite days to shop and let me know the items you saved on. Leave a comment below or get in touch with me on my About page.


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  1. Noxolo

    Great ideas I will definitely start using them when shopping.

  2. Zibu

    Oh wow! Thank you for the awesome ideas Phiwe. Will definitely be looking out for the cheapskate days

  3. Goodness

    Nice one. Thank you

    1. Bongani

      Reduced prices, 13th. 1st time hearing about it. Am pondering on it . . .

      1. Phiwe

        Let’s wait till November the 13th then 🙂

  4. Thobile

    Thank you so much

  5. Njabulo

    You really helped me on the R10 special at Food lovers.

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