3 Ways on how to cut costs on fruits and veggies

Let’s be honest, vegetables are sometimes a bit expensive whether fresh or frozen it can hit your pocket and if you are like me, trying the healthy eating option it can be discouraging if you can not afford to spend the extra cash on veggies.

1. Shop wisely

When you go shopping at your favorite supermarket or fruit and veg store, look out for the veggies and fruits that are about to reach their shelf life. What I mean is look out for those ripe bananas, those green peppers that have little spots on them. Those are the items you look out for as most supermarkets will sell them at a lower price.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying buying things that are about to rot, those shouldn’t be on the shelves, to begin with. Most pick n pay and pick and pay hyper stores have a reduced price table next to the fresh fruits and veg. Look out for that before you start your regular shopping.

2. Buy in bulk

Yes, you can buy fresh fruits and veggies in bulk, it all depends on your use for it. You can buy a whole pumpkin, butternut, green pepper, tomatoes, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, and green beans just to name a few. These are all veggies you can chop and freeze for the longest time.

All fruits can be frozen too but only for the purpose of making smoothies or baby food but, don’t make the mistake of freezing your lettuce or cucumber. Don’t be embarrassed to ask the store manager if they have fresh produce at reduced prices on that day.

Things like packaged and peeled sweet potatoes, potatoes, pumpkin, spinach. Make sure you buy items that you can still prolong shelf life by freezing. Today is Tuesday and coincidentally, Food Lovers ‘ Market has 10 bucks Tuesday, which means most things in the store are R10!! Be on the lookout and visit your favorite store’s website to see offers available before you go shopping if possible, to maximize your savings.

3. Start your own veggie garden

Now that you have purchased your veggies in bulk why not use all the seeds to start a garden. Seeds from your greed peppers, tomatoes pumpkin as well as onion buds. Whether you stay in an apartment or house with a large garden, you can start a garden and have organic veggies all year round! how awesome is that? You don’t need much space, just your old milk or cola plastic bottles cut in halves, and some sun. You don’t need some special fertilizer either, just the soil in your yard and you are good to go. It a great project to do with your kids as well.

Veg garden humble beginnings

Please note that I’m no expert, these are just things that worked for me :-). Let me know some of the veggies that you buy and store in bulk and your ideas to save on fresh produce.

Look out for a detailed post on starting a budget friendly container garden.

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  1. Thobile

    Well done my sister. Well written

  2. Dintle

    Well written. Thank you

  3. Gugu

    Well said. I never thought of freezing my own veggies thanks for the idea.

    1. Thandeka

      I always look for the reduced prices and it works for me.

      Heee I didn’t know that you can freeze spinach yaz, thank you for the heads up

  4. Thobeka

    Wow!!! Well written. Thank you so much for the tips

    1. Phiwe

      Thank you so much. I appreciate it.

  5. Zaah

    Thanks for sharing

  6. Zibu

    Enjoy your blog Phiwe ♥️

  7. Ntokozo Mthethwa

    Check out for combo’s also the assist & also street vendors they usually have the freshed fruits & veges.

    Thank you for these tips, loved ❤️

  8. Ntokozo Mthethwa

    Check out for combo’s also they assist & also street vendors they usually have the freshest fruits & veges.

    Thank you for these tips, loved ❤️

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